Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I sometimes need to wait to access an e-book?

Our answer:

For most e-books in the Online Library, you can read them whenever you want. However sometimes unfortunately you may be asked to join a queue when you try access an e-book.


This is because some of our books can only be read by one user at a time, similar to how only one person can read a book in a physical library. We try to avoid adding these books to the Online Library where possible, but the publisher determines whether a book can only be read by one person at a time. When we add these books to our collection, we ensure that we have enough copies so that queues are kept to a minimum.


To join the queue you just need to click the ‘Join queue to read this item’ button and supply your email address. We recommend that you join the queue because as soon as your requested item is available you will be notified by email that the book is available for you to read. Before joining the queue you  will be given an estimated maximum waiting time, although you may not need to wait as long as this.


In E-book Central (ProQuest), you will not be asked to join a queue. If a book has limited copies that are all being used, you will be asked to try reading the book again at a later time.


We recognise that waiting for a book can be frustrating, so the Online Library purchases multiple copies of essential reading texts so books are available for you when you need them. However please contact us if you find you are unable to access a book when you need it and we will look into whether we can purchase additional copies.