The Senate House Library, University of London recognises the importance of privacy to users of the Online Library; consequently we handle personal information you send us very carefully. This Privacy Policy explains what information is collected when you access the Online Libray and how the information will be used.

We adhere to the principles of data protection and privacy and endeavour to implement it within the guidance of current UK legislation, in particular the Data Protection Act (1998). This ensures that all personal information is :

  • Kept securely.
  • Held for no longer than necessary.
  • Used for its stated purpose.
  • Not disclosed to anyone not involved in the administration of this service.


Cookies are small files used by a web site to store and retrieve information about a user on the user's computer. Some web users choose to block cookies because they can be used to build profiles of users' activity and of personal information. The Online Library uses cookies, but in line with our respect for our users' privacy, the use of cookies is kept to a minimum.

Web Forms

Some contact forms in this web site require you to supply us with personal details (e.g. name and Email address). For example, if you send us an enquiry we need to where to send the reply. All these forms will contain an explanation about how the information you supply will be used. By submitting the form you give consent for the information to be used for the stated purposes.

Third Party Links and information

The Online Library web site has links to third party web sites and information. While links and information are only added if they are perceived to be of use to our web site users, the Senate House Library, University of London does not accept responsibility for their content. Moreover, The Senate House Library, University of London cannot be held responsible for any information submitted to the third party sites and any subsequent use of the information.