How do I find journal articles?

Most of the Library databases contain journal articles.

If you are looking for articles in a particular journal, you can look up the journal title in the A-Z journals list. If the journal is available in the Library, the A-Z journals list will tell you which database(s) the journal is available in, and the years available in each database. You can then link across to the appropriate database from the A-Z journals list. If your citation abbreviates the name of the journal you can find out the full title using the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.

If you want to search for articles across a range of journals, it is recommended you use the Summon search engine. Summon searches across the Library databases for articles and books, and allows you to link across to the full text. Summon does not retrieve case reports or legislation. (See How do I search for cases? for details of how to do this.)

You can also carry out a more focused search using the Legal Journals Index, which is available in the Westlaw database. Legal Journals Index is useful as it allows you to search using parameters such as case citation, parties and legislation. You can link to the full text from Legal Journals Index for journals that are stored in Westlaw. Otherwise you can look up the journal title in the A-Z journals list to see if it is available in one of the other databases.