Start Searching Summon

Summon is the library's Google-like search engine that provides fast, relevancy-ranked results through a single search box.

Why is it so special?
It searches across the Online Library collection removing the need to scroll through lots of databases with meaningless titles (Academic Search Complete, Abi/Inform) wondering which one will return results.

So how do you use summon? In 3 simple steps…..

  1. Enter the search terms into a Summon search; you can select Advanced Search options from the results page.
  2. Refine results by criteria such as date, subject, academic journals and other options.
  3. View results, and link direct to full text or more details.

Note: All Online Library resources are password-protected. This is to stop unauthorized use of our subscription resources.

If the article you want is not on the first page of results, try putting quotation marks around the title for example, “ The role of affective experience in work motivation”.

Help and Support


If you need help and support please email the online library at -

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