vLex Justis (JustisOne)


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This database was formerly known as JustisOne. 

vLex Justis is a single point of entry for your legal research.

vLex Justis contains UK legislation from 1235 (as enacted), with links to amending instruments, and an extensive collection of reported, and unreported UK judgments from the House of Lords / Supreme Court Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and Court of Appeal (Criminal Division). vLex Justis also includes European Union materials.

Law report series includes: the Times Law Reports, English Reports, Immigration Appeal Reports and CCH British Tax cases, and more.

vLex Justis contains a powerful case citator which cross-references case law, and legislation, helping you to find leading authorities and determine whether a case is good law.

Access to reported versions of cases is available via direct links from citations to the source of the report (where available) in legal databases such as Westlaw and Lexis+. After you click on a link in vLex Justis to one of these databases, you may need to follow that database's login guide.

Justis Parliament is available from Justis.