Case Reports

Finding Case Reports Online

Case reports are an important record of developments in case law, and you will be expected to read many during your studies. We provide three databases that between them provide a wide range of reports. The table lists the availability of a selection of key report series. The coverage information links to the login for that database.

Report Series vLex Justis Lexis+ Westlaw ABA Journals (American Bar Association)   Coverage varies International Materials Admiralty and Eccelesiastical Cases     1865-75 All England Law Reports, The   1936 to present   Appeal Cases   1875 to present 1875 to present Butterworths' Company Law Cases   1983 to present   Butterworths' Medico Legal Reports   1983 to present   Chancery Appeals   1865 to1875 1865-1875 Chancery Division   1875 to present 1875 to present Common Market Law Reports     1962 to present Common Pleas   1865 to1880 1865 to1880 Construction Law Reports   1996 to present   Criminal Appeal Reports     1995 to present English Reports (also in HeinOnline) vol 1 - 176 vol 1 - 176 vol 1 - 176 Equity Cases   1865 to1875 1865-1875 Estates Gazette Law Reports   1975 to present   European Copyright and Design Reports     2000 to present European Human Rights Reports 1960 to present   1979 to present Exchequer   1865 to 1875 1865-1875 Human Rights Law Reports UK Cases     2000 to present Industrial Cases Reports     1972 to present Industrial Relations Law Reports   1972 to present   Justice of the Peace Law Reports   1837 to present   Kings Bench   1865 to present 1901 to 1952 Landlord and Tenant Reports     1998 to present Law Times Reports   1918-1965   Privy Council   1865 to1875 1865-1875 Probate   1865 to present 1865 to present Queens Bench   1865 to present 1865 to present Scots Law Times     1909 to present Session Cases 1821 to present 1930 to present 1907 to present Singapore Law Reports 1965 to present     Simon's Tax Cases   1973 to present   State Trials 1163-1858     The Law Reports   1865 to present 1865 to present The Weekly Law Reports   1953 to present 1953 to present Times Law Reports 1990 to present 1987 to present  


Ordering Case Reports Online

You may be able to obtain a copy of the case report, but at a cost. First of all, you will need to decipher the citation to get the full title of the report series. Check the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations as a first step.


On the Bailli (British and Irish legal Information Institute) website you can access freely available British and Irish case law & legislation, European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related British and Irish material.