Upgrade to Summon 2.0

Summon is the Online Library search engine, if you can use Google you should be able to use Summon. In relation to finding resources for your course the advantage Summon has over Google is that it searches the Online Library collections so you know your results come from reliable academic sources.

We have recently started using the latest version of Summon, here is a brief overview of some of the new features.

The Summon 2.0 interface is designed to be responsive to different devices, whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or mobile.
After you have entered your search keywords Summon will include related search suggestions in the results. If your results were not what you expected the suggestions can help you to refocus your search.

Results from news sources are grouped together which makes it easy to distinguish them from academic content while ensuring that you won’t miss valuable news content.

Refine your search results by academic discipline by selecting one of 39 disciplines from the options given. You can combine more than one discipline for interdisciplinary searching.

This can help to reduce the number of results and help increase their relevance to your particular topic.

If you wish to go beyond Summon, the results include a database recommendation feature which tells you which Online Library database is most relevant to your topic. You can then log into that individual database and continue your searching from there.

We hope that Summon provides an easy route to full text resources, however we know that sometimes you need additional support.
Within Summon there is an option to report a problem. This sends a direct message to the Online Library team including the link to the page you are viewing, so we can investigate this quickly.

Get started using Summon from search box on the Online Library homepage, and read our Quick Start Guide for further information.