Law Induction

Welcome to the Online Library Law Induction. The Online Library provides extensive resources to support your studies. This induction will introduce you to the key resources and services available to law students from the Online Library.

The Induction comprises of a series of bite sized videos. Work your way through the induction, video by video, or select the part of the induction which is relevant to your information needs.

Part 1: An Introduction to the Online Library

• An introduction to the Online Library, and tour of the UG Laws Study Programme gateway.

The Law Induction Part 1: An Introduction to the Online Library video

Law Induction Part 1: Transcript PDF

Part 2: Database passwords and access

• Database passwords, accessing databases, a Westlaw login video demonstration, and how to contact the Enquiry Service.

The Law Induction Part 2: Database passwords and access video

Law Induction Part 2: Transcript PDF

Online Library Induction Video Lecture 

An Online Library induction video lecture is now available in the induction section of the undergraduate laws VLE.


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