Internet Tutorials

Bare Bones

Bare Bones is a basic tutorial on searching the internet from the University of South Carolina. It is ideal for distance learners as it is easy to use, and the information is in short sections which only take a few minutes to read.

Topics covered in the tutorial include an introduction to search engines, how to create a search strategy and how to evaluate web pages.

The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) Virtual Training Suite: subject specific tutorials

The Virtual Training Suite is a set of 40 online subject-specific tutorials in Internet information skills. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Internet user, these tutorials will help you make best of the Internet.

These tutorials will guide you around these frustrating pitfalls and towards sites that are relevant and helpful for your own work. 


Google is one of the most popular Internet search engines. Using our guide to Google as an example, this tutorial will help you get the best out of Google of search engines. The tutorial looks at planning a search, simple and advanced searching.

Using Internet Directories

Search Engines are not the only way of exploring the Internet. Internet directories allow you to browse through listings of selcted web sites until you find the information you need. This tutorial introduces the concept of directories and looks at study programmes.