Searching the Invisible Web

It is estimated that Search engines only cover about 16% of the internet; therefore it is important to be aware of the invisible web (also known as the deep web or hidden web) and to know that you cannot just rely on search engines as your only route to finding information. This is particularly true when you are looking for academic information.
Information that cannot be found by search engines may include:-

  • Dynamically changing updated content
  • Password protected resources
  • Sites that require you to register

Tips for finding this content:-

  1. If you have a research topic rather than doing a Google Search on the question topic, think about what organisations might supply this information, find their website and then search their website.
  2. Use web directories - these are collections of links to resources that have been compiled by experts. For example there is the WWW virtual library, a general directory which covers the invisible web and is the oldest catalogue of the web.
  3. Ask a librarian - Library staff can help you go beyond Google and find the best resources for your search. To ask a librarian for help, contact the Online Library